Alok Sharma made president of UN climate conference in Glasgow – world news

Alok Sharma, who was appointed as the Cabinet Office of the Boris Johnson government after the December 2019 election, was appointed Friday as the former president of the UN COP26 Climate Conference scheduled to be held in Glasgow in November.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the world’s leaders who will attend major climate conferences. COP26 is the largest summit hosted by the UK and will bring together representatives from nearly 200 countries, including leaders, experts and activists.

Prime Minister Johnson has appointed Kwasi Kwarteng, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Business, Energy and Cleanliness, as the new business secretary. Sharma’s new role will continue to hold cabinet status, and he will report directly to the prime minister.

Downing Street said in a statement that in order to meet the high ambitions for the summit, Sharma will be committed to promoting coordinated action globally to tackle climate change. Officials say the successful summit in November is critical to achieving the goals set in the Paris Agreement and reducing global emissions.

The UK recently set high standards with a promise to cut emissions by more than 68{74ca91e3bee52d91843c282edd75c0800a88a3d8744a3a1c83b7ba867058fc3c} by 2030, but he added that other countries should also do it. Sharma has been leading the UK’s climate diplomacy since taking on the role in February 2020 and will now focus exclusively on it.

At the Climate Ambition Summit co-hosted by Britain in December last year, 75 world leaders presented a new commitment to climate action.

“The biggest challenge in our time is climate change, and we must work together to provide a cleaner and greener world and create a better environment for generations now and in the future,” said Sharma.

“Through the UK’s COP26 Presidency, we have a unique opportunity to achieve this goal by working with friends and partners around the world.

He added, “Given the importance of dealing with climate change, we are delighted to have been asked by the Prime Minister to dedicate all of its energy to this urgent mission.

Sharma is one of four Indian-born members around Johnson’s cabinet table, including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Interior Minister Priti Patel, and attorney Suella Braverman.