Arjun Mathur: I want to be acting till the day I die, money or fame is incidental – bollywood

Actress Arjun Mathur was first noticed when she appeared in Zoya Akhtar’s Luck By Chance 10 years ago. And his last project, Made in Heaven, was with her again, and although he did not win, he was nominated for an International Emmy Award.

However, the actor is satisfied with his journey in the entertainment world, and argues that the whole concept of a life that changes after a film or a global nomination is just a thought.

“Lucky by Chance (2009) was the first feature film that put me in public consciousness. I don’t know what this’change’ is. Many people ask how life has changed. It’s not like that. I still wake up and do the same thing. The only change is that you can do more things. I hope the life beyond that doesn’t change much,” says Mathur.

Mathur, 39, who has worked on both the big screen and the web, wants to focus entirely on his words, not the end result.

“I just want to work as an actor, as I have been doing for 13 years. Of course everyone wants good results, but in the end what? Where is the end? I want to postpone my hunger until the day I die. Everything that comes with gratitude or money or fame is incidental,” he explains.

The actor (acting), who calls this a’by-product’ who follows his heart, wanted to do it right from an early age, and explains why Mathur calls himself’an actor waiting for an actor’. At the end of the day.

“I always put my feet on the floor and hope that bigger and better projects will continue to be delivered,” he concludes.

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