Ashwin’s broke Murali’s massive record which might have gone unnoticed in Melbourne – cricket

Melbourne has been an ideal example of salvation led by a new captain with a competent commander marching in the most synchronized way cricket has ever seen in recent years. It is undeniable that Ajinkya Rahane is the hero who won the Indian Fragments in the second test against Australia, but the support he received from Ravindra Jadeja, Jasprit Bumrah, Ravichandran Ashwin and even debuts Mohammed Siraj and Shubman Gill was admirable. It said a lot about the personality of the Indian side.

However, there are one or two people who surpass everyone in supporting roles and play a decisive role in victory. In Melbourne it was Ashwin and Jadeja. Jadeja has been spotlighted for half a century, especially in the first innings, but it felt like Ashwin deserves more.

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Just as Ashwin broke the record past spin legend Muttiah Muralitharan, next to other important records such as the 8th Wicket win, where MCG won the first of a decade in India while chasing outside the home and becoming India’s most successful venue. Guaranteed a better space.

No baller in the world has ever fired a left-hander like Ashwin at this time. India off spinners now have 192 wickets against lefties. Ashwin fired Josh Hazelwood on the fourth day of the Boxing Day test, tying Australia to 200 in two innings on Tuesday.

Previously, a record of firing most left-handers was maintained by Muralitharan at 191 wickets.

The 51.2{74ca91e3bee52d91843c282edd75c0800a88a3d8744a3a1c83b7ba867058fc3c} of Ashwin’s wicket against lefties is also the highest with a slight margin. Ashwin has 375 wickets in 73 tests so far.

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England’s Faker James Anderson is in third place and won 186 left-handers. Australia’s Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne each fired 172 left-handers, but spinners are the leading turnstiles for Aussies in Test.

Ashwin has been doing great in an ongoing test series against Australia. Senior activist is India’s leading wicket in an ongoing series with 10 scalps under his belt.

Australian batters find it difficult to decipher Ashwin’s bowling. Steve Smith also admitted that he allowed Indian spinners to dictate conditions in the battles of the ongoing test series.

Fired twice by Ashwin in a series of ongoing tests, Smith said he did not allow other spinners to dictate terms as the Indian spinners did him.

“Probably not playing Ashwin as much as I liked it. I would have wanted to put a little more pressure on him. I let him dictate the terms and that probably didn’t make any spinners in my career,” Smith told SEN Radio.

“I was more aggressive towards them and made a difference. I didn’t allow that to happen, maybe because I’m just looking for something to be there long enough,” he added.

India leveled the four-match series after winning eight wicket wins on Tuesday’s Boxing Day test. The third test between the two teams will start on January 7.