Biden: Most closely watched man of 2021 – world news

No government is more closely monitored than President-elect Joe Biden. Four years after Donald Trump’s roller coaster, the world will find evidence for the new Democratic president’s claim that “the United States is back”. Despite the decisive election victory and the Washington Veterans Administration, progress will not be easy.

The political guerrilla war that Trump is still waging against Biden is a warning that Republicans will be irrational and irrational. The right can still dominate the Senate and have a good chance to get both houses back in the midterm elections of 2022. Biden has revealed that he is the 1st President, who will grant the status of lame by early 2023. The elect wants to revive the old two-party spirit. But Trump is working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Biden’s foreign policy strategy is to invest time in foreign policy whenever possible. He believes the United States needs massive social engineering at home to avoid throwing another populist like Trump. He wants to reduce defense spending and has ambitious plans to rebuild America’s infrastructure, green energy and transportation, and improve healthcare and education systems. But what will he do with all of this as he confronts the “death to America” block of China, Russia, Iran and Turkey? This will be his main global challenge.

Biden’s strategy is to revive the world’s most extensive, Trump-poor American alliance structure. So he keeps talking about Europe and NATO. He will also be softer for Israel, India and other countries strategically close to the US but ideologically far from the Democrats. Biden intends to create an alliance of willingness to counter China for 5G technology or one-on-one infrastructure. However, he expects the US to focus more on the supply chain and less on aircraft carriers, as he will downplay military reactions. At the same time, the United States will try to work closely with Beijing and Moscow on multilateral issues. Biden urged cooperation with China on “climate change, non-proliferation and global health security”.

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All this sounds good on paper. Evidence of pudding will be in the meal and Biden can still choke. China’s foreign minister Wang Yi has already warned that if the United States wants to work, it has to look in the other direction when it comes to Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Both countries will be a global human rights black hole next year. And the two governments have already started sparring in Taiwan. He said he sees Russia as a bigger threat than China. A more positive factor is Biden’s plan to revive nuclear talks with Iran. Tehran is already hoping to ease sanctions and is preparing to expand its oil production.

What’s good about the Narendra Modi government is that India fits well with the many things Biden wants to achieve on the world stage. And what Biden’s team dislikes about India, primarily the issues of human rights on the domestic front, would be a little fry compared to other government’s nasty. The next US president said he plans to hold a climate summit. Here Modi can sit in a high seat. And in another democratic country, expect private lectures on what Biden called “democratic regression”. Biden said he would not rush to sign trade agreements as New Delhi does not carry out the FTA very well.

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Biden will be sworn in office on January 20th and will take two immediate exams. For one, his dignitary choices are approved by the Senate. The other is showing that he is better able to handle the COVID-19 vaccine launch than Trump has handled all aspects of the epidemic. After that, he must push his own domestic agenda despite persistent and exhausting opposition from Republicans. And the rest of the world comes.