Ganguly’s further treatment plan to be discussed on Monday: Hospital – cricket

“There were no incidents last night,” said Sourav Ganguly, president of Indian Cricket Tong Empire (BCCI), the medical committee will meet on Monday to discuss additional treatment plans, Woodlands Hospital said in a medical bulletin.

He also said that the treating doctors are “ongoing vigilant” about his health situation and are taking appropriate action from time to time.

The former Indian chief was hospitalized for “chest discomfort, heaviness in the head, vomiting, and dizziness” while exercising at the home gym around 11 am on Saturday around 1 pm. After that, doctors performed angioplasty on him.

The hospital also said, “The routine ECG at 10 am is satisfactory.” On Saturday, Ganguly was tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus and it turned out negative.

Earlier, Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee Seo Bengal visited Woodlands Hospital on Saturday evening.

During his discharge from the hospital, through exchanges with the media, Banerjee said, “He (Gang Gu Lee) is fine now. Thank you to the doctors and hospital authorities for making the right decision to perform angioplasty.”

“I had no idea that an international sportsman like him would not be screened. I asked Avishek Dalmiya to check the cricket players before the game,” she said.

On Wednesday, Ganguly visited Eden Gardens to discuss preparations for the upcoming Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy with Avishek Dalmia’s president of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB).