‘He didn’t look at enough replays to see all evidence’: Tim Paine tees off at DRS after contentious dismissal – cricket

Australian captain Tim Paine was disappointed by the Decision Review System (DRS) during his second test defeat against India in Melbourne. His controversial 3rd day layoff was wrong and said the team could have damaged the game.

Paine lags behind one of Ravindra Jadeja’s bowling, and third referee Paul Wilson judges that he hit the ball with faint evidence provided by the “Snicko” technique.

The turnstile left Australia 99 for 6 minutes and eventually bowled 200 minutes for lunch on the 4th day of Tuesday.

After that, India easily pursued 70 people for victory after lunch break.

As India’s third-ranking Cheteshwar Pujara was reconsidered on day 2 in almost the same situation, the Australian captain complained about what he considered to be a double standard.

“I thought we had a pretty similar example in our first inning with Pujara. … We set some precedents on the second day. Then you can see the change.” He insisted he didn’t hit the ball at reporters.

“I am very disappointed. There is no doubt about it. An important part of the game. I felt like I was doing pretty well at the start of this series.

“And (Cameron) I thought that by partnering with Green and adding 50, 100, 120 points, the whole game could change. It was very disappointing to end that way.”

Paine said he had already sought clarification from game officials but was not satisfied with their reaction.

“I talked to them, but they weren’t very productive,” he said.

“Yesterday my concern was not about technology, but about the precedent set in Pujara (Paine) and the fact that the decision was made too quickly.

“He (Wilson) didn’t see enough replays to see all the evidence. Perhaps there was a gap between the bat and the ball.

“It was just a lot of things not married for me.”

However, Payne did not complain about the decision to run out the line ball in the Australian 1st inning.

Competing singles with the versatile Green, Paine survived a long review despite no clear evidence that the bat crossed the line before bail was cut.

The decision was criticized by Indian fans, and former Australian spinner and TV commentator Shane Warne was one of the people who posted on social media that Paine should get out.