India vs Australia: ‘191, 195 and 200, that’s not batting in Test cricket,’ Ricky Ponting slams Australia after MCG defeat – cricket

Ricky Ponting believes that Australia’s defeat to India was largely due to its vulnerability to strike. The former captain believed that the home team needed enough area to get a chance to win the test series. So far, Australia’s batting average has failed to click, and the team has scored 191, 195 and 200 points in 3 out of 4 innings. Ponting expressed great concern over Australia’s lack of partnership, but it was mostly the pace at which they scored.

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“It’s all about partnerships and we didn’t get a partnership through the first two games. The cracks are probably painted in Adelaide. (Australia) made 191, 195 and 200. It’s not a blow in test match cricket. And the worries I have is the time it takes them to execute. That’s my problem,” Ponting told

“They scored two and a half points in Adelaide and here (Melbourne), and it was another series of defeats (and) against India in the final series here. They should show more intentions. They can’t be afraid to go out. They have to go out and hit the bat and score. And they applied what we’ve seen so far in Adelaide, if we’re trying, and batting for a long time wasn’t enough to do so.

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“I think we should take a good look at how they are playing and their staff. They have a lot to do. Whoever they choose for the next XI, it will be a great personality test for all of them.”

Adding to Australia’s batting problem, Ponting says, is due to the absence of David Warner and the lack of scoring of three striking pillars, Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne. Warner missed the first two tests of the series with a hamstring injury and remained a suspicious starting pitcher in number three, while Smith has yet to enter double digits (1, 1 *, 0, 8) in four innings. Labuschagne started with 47, 28, 48, but was unable to move forward.

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“They need Warner, they need Smith to score, and Labuschagne to find shape last summer. (Labuschagne) did not show as good a touch as last summer, and these three players are very important in the Australian lineup. It’s that simple. “Said Ponting.

“We saw the last Australian tour (2018-19) where Smith and Warner weren’t there. Right now Smith was basically not there, Warner wasn’t there, Marnus made a few forties, but had all sorts of luck and couldn’t capitalize on it. To show how important it is.”