India vs Australia: ‘He is as aggressive as Kohli but keeps quiet’, says Deep Dasgupta on Rahane’s captaincy – cricket

The Indian team was almost sent off after a terrible blow in Adelaide. After that humiliating 8-Wicket loss, many experts thought that tourists would not have a chance to rebound in the series, especially without Virat Kohli. However, Ajinkya Rahane’s excellence completely changed the plot.

The stand-in captain led India to a series leveling victory in the Boxing Day test and scored 100 points in the match against Australia. Indian cricketer Deep Dasgupta shows off his leadership skills and says he knows Rahane will lead the team successfully.

“I knew he could do it, and there are no two ways. And it’s not about him, there are other leaders too. I was a fan of Ajinkya, not only because I was able to see Ajinkya’s international debut as well as someone special from his first days,” Dasgupta told Sports Today.

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Dasgupta also spoke of Rahane’s composure in the field. The former cricketer said Rahane’s was as aggressive as Virat Kohli, but decided to stay calm.

“He can be quiet, but that doesn’t mean he’s not aggressive. He may be less expressive than someone like Virat, but the way he thinks and deals with himself is equally aggressive and equally aggressive. It’s just that he keeps it quiet. But I saw him leading us well. We’ve all seen him lead India,” Dasgupta said.

Deep Dasgupta recalled Rahane’s role as captain in the 2017 Dharmshala Test against Australia, saying that the latter led the team with an aggressive mindset.

“We remember how he led the team at Dharmshala. He was attacking with his own mindset. His bowling change was aggressive. His team was once again very aggressive. So, if you look back… I think he will get a hint from his mindset that he is a very, very aggressive person. Obviously, his batting average tells us he batting average, how he counterattacks more often when India is not in trouble,” Dasgupta said.

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“The former cricketer also praised Rahane for keeping the players together in the act of winning the second test against Australia.

“I had no doubts if he could bring this team together. In addition, Rahane brings everyone together, expressing gratitude to other leaders who have all stood up, from Pujara to Ashwin to Bumrah.

“When bowling in India, the bowling captain looked like a different person. It wasn’t Ajin Kya who always ran to the bowlers. It was Ashwin or Bumrah who spoke to other bowlers. Mainly Ashwin.

“So everyone got involved and it’s very important. In a crisis situation, we need to engage everyone and make everyone a stakeholder,” concludes Dasgupta.