India vs Australia: ‘He’s ready to embark on a new chapter in his career,’ Tom Moody believes India all-rounder can become a ‘pure bowler and batsman’ – cricket

Whether it’s scoring a significant score in the middle and low rankings or breaking a partnership, Ravindra Jadeja is quickly becoming India’s newest Mr.Reliable. The versatile personality Jadeja started out as a batting pitcher, but his bets have made a remarkable rise, so the 32-year-old has ticked most of the boxes to secure a spot on the Indian team. Do not forget that Jadeja is now called the best beast in the world.

Jadeja proved his credentials in a limited overleg against Australia, then went through a second test at MCG. Jadeja was technically Virat Kohli’s substitute, and the all-rounder proved to be a great substitute for picking up three wickets in the match and scoring a valuable 57 points in one inning. -Inning lead.

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Building on Jadeja’s sharp rise, former Australian all-rounder Tom Moody supports All-rounder as a definite candidate in India’s XI and believes he is very suitable for 6th or 7th place. In fact, Moody is confident that Jadeja will do both bats and balls equally well, and in the long run, he believes it will be a huge aid to guidance.

“I believe Ravindra Jadeja is an all-around product of test quality in all conditions. He played 50 test matches, of which 33 only played 17 at home. I feel ready to start a new chapter in his career that he can rely on as a pure bowler and a pure top-order hitter. This gives the Indian team an amazing balance,” Moody told ESPNCricinfo.

In previous tests, Jadeja became the third Indian player to appear in 50 matches after MS Dhoni and Kohli. However, despite scoring nearly 2000 points and hitting more than 200 wickets, Jadeja is still a worthy all-around player, but his ability to pick up wickets without relying heavily on turn is what impresses Moody the most.

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“He averages over 35 points on test cricket. He has 150 and I think he’s a much better player than getting that number. So it will improve over time,” he said.

“And I think he’s a spinner that doesn’t necessarily depend on the turn. So if you have a bit of a grassy turnstile that doesn’t offer a turn, he’ll still be able to build up pressure and create a chance. The Indian team can have a successful series home or away.”

India is said to boast very strong 6th and 7th place, with the possibility of handing Jadeja and Rishabh Pant a longer rope in tests with him. “The difference between 6 and 7 is irrelevant. What matters is how good your goalkeeper is as a hitter. I think it’s a pretty strong mix of 6 and 7 the moment the Indian team made a decision with Pant right now,” he said.