India vs Australia: ‘India have beaten Australia like how you beat up a person in a sack’, Shoaib Akhtar hails India’s win in Melbourne – cricket

Ajinkya Rahane’s outstanding captain and India’s eight-weeket victory over Australia in the Boxing Day test impressed former Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar. The legendary cricketer applauded the way Rahane led the team in tough scenarios, saying that the Indian team they visited showed their class and character.

Akhtar said on his YouTube channel that this success is’making all the noise’ for Rahane, who is calm and calm.

“Team India beat Australia like you hit someone in your bag. The characters are displayed without being created in crisis. The Indian team showed their talent when it was in crisis. This is the character of the Indian team,” Shoaib Akhtar said on the YouTube channel.

“The best thing is that I showed my heart and courage today. They didn’t have 3 star players, but it didn’t matter to them. Ajinkya Rahane quietly led the team, but his success speaks loudly to him today. They worked hard in silence and left your success to sound.”

The Indians made four major changes to their XI play for the Boxing Day test and crossed their debut cap for two youngsters, Shubman Gill and Mohammad Siraj.

Gill, who replaced Shaw in the top ranks, ran fearlessly for a deadly Australian attack, and Siraj justified his choice by checking every box and scalping five wickets in the match. Praising the two rookies, Akhtar said they are definitely the two rising stars of the Indian cricket team.

“India picked Siraj and he took 5 wickets. He was still young and couldn’t be with his father when he died. He paid tribute to his father for his performance. Then came Gill, and he’s definitely a big star in the making. That’s why Team India showed their character of guts, mind and courage,” added Akhtar.

“What impressed me the most was that I had to get face-to-face in this match after losing the first test. But they weren’t. They faced the challenge. When the team shows this personality, I am very happy that the religion or country the players belong to doesn’t matter.”