India vs Australia: ‘It became more about survival,’ Glenn McGrath reveals where ‘Australia let themselves down’ at MCG – cricket

Former Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath said in his second round of tests with India at MCG that Australian hitters’ approach was a bit negative. India, led by Ajinkya Rahane, tied 195 hosts in 1 inning and scored 131 points. Australia scored 200 points in two innings, setting a target for visitors to pursue at 70.

India set the series 1-1 by easily chasing the target with 8 wickets in hand. McGrath said Australian hitters were batting for survival and that was where’Australia was disappointed’.

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“I was a little disappointed with the hitters. They were hardly negative, showed no intentions, weren’t active, they just sat down, scored and were about survival rather than putting the burden back on the baller,” McGrath told Unplayable Podcast.

“This is where Australia is a bit disappointing. They also dropped a few catches. David Warner’s return to the side will also give you some strength. But I want batters to go out and bat without fear, just step back and go out and see what they can do.” McGrath was added.

“We have to acknowledge India. The way they hitters (in Melbourne), the changes they made, had a big impact. Rahane actually got a chance to argue. I think it showed me how to deal with conditions and bats against a quality bowling attack.” McGrath said more.

The two teams will take their third test in Sydney starting Thursday.