India vs Australia: ‘It was a loose shot to play at that moment,’ Shubman Gill ‘not happy’ with his dismissal – cricket

Shubman Gill scored the third highest score in his Indian test debut in Australia, but could have been much more if he hadn’t lost focus. Gill moved to 45 before throwing the ball at Tim Paine at Pat Cummins. Gill’s innings scored 45 points on 65 balls, and the 21-year-old inning was taken to take his turnstile.

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“I really don’t like the way I go out. It was the last ball of Cummins’ spell and I should have seen it. It was a loose shot playing at that moment. But overall, my goal was to play with intent, build partnerships, and manage to some extent,” Gill told a virtual press conference after going through the stump on day two.

“When I got into the bat, there was something on the pitch and the pitch came to life. The only thing I told myself was that I should be able to play my game no matter what was going on in the arena and what was going on around me, I had to be able to express myself and be able to play intentionally. That was my thought process throughout my innings.”

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This may be Gill’s first test match in India, but this is not the first time he has been nominated for the Indian team. In fact, it was September 2019 that Gill got his maiden test callup in India, but despite being on the sideline, he absorbed everything he could see his experienced teammates playing.

“I have traveled with the team for the last 4 or 5 test series. It helped a lot while being with the team. To be able to settle on the team,” he said. “We’ve been doing all net sessions and practice sessions to allow players like Boom (Bumrah), Shami bhai, Umesh bhai or Ishant bhai to play on the net. The best bowling attack in the net. When I went out to bat today, it didn’t feel like I was in a whole new place.”

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Finally, Gill weighed in India’s Star of the Day, the captain of the Ajinkya Rahane series, who scored a fabulous century to lead the team against Australia in the Boxing Day test. For a young man doing his first test, there can be no greater learning curve than seeing his claims admire the best bowling attacks in the world.

“This knock is about patience. He was patient, and more importantly, when he does a high-quality bowling attack, sometimes he can’t get into the shell and score. Ajinkya bhai’s way of playing was a great knock on the outside. How he had a tough time, the loose ball he got was making sure he was putting everything away,” Gill said.