India vs Australia: ‘My mom and dad saw me score a hundred at SCG’ – Steve Smith ‘proud’ to get back in form – cricket

Australian batter Steve Smith said scoring a century before his parents in his hometown on the second day of his third test with India was a’proud’ moment for him. The right-handed hitter helped the host score 338 in the SCG 1 inning and registered the 27th test tone.

Smith scored 131 by Ravindra Jadeja but beat Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar’s records. Australia scored 136 innings for 27 tonnes, while Colley and Tendulkar scored 141 innings.

Smith scored only 10 points in 4 innings in the first two tests, and questions about his form were raised. But after hitting the tone, the batter said he loves to play for Sydney and feels good about getting back in shape.

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“I was happy to come back in shape. It seems that I got 200 points on my SCG two or three weeks ago. Sometimes it makes people laugh. We missed the first two matches and came back today and scored a few runs to put us in a decent position,” Smith said in a virtual media interaction after Day 2.

“It’s always special. I love playing here at SCG. It’s a great place to bet my hometown. My mom and dad were here so I could see it. I’m proud to be able to put the three figures on the board and take the time in the middle to post a decent total.”

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India reached 96/2 on Friday’s stump, carrying 8 wickets and hitting Australia 242 gradually. Shubman Gill made a good start for the Indian team after the Aussies were tied at 338. Gill was disbanded by seamer Pat Cummins to 50, but stand-in captains Ajinkya Rahane (5) and Cheteshwar Pujara (9) finished without anything. More flaws.

However, despite India appearing to be in a strong position, Smith said his team has enough RBIs and could pressure visitors to choose early turnstiles on day 3.

“It’s a decent sum. It would have been nice to score a few more times. I think it’s up and down at the turnstile as we’ve seen.

“I think the boys bowled pretty well this evening. If we really continue to discipline tomorrow, we will have several opportunities. They may have been bowling three or four times. Hopefully, we can start well in the morning and put some pressure on it,” Smith signed.

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