India vs Australia: ‘They needed to put out something special to beat Australia’, Isa Guha explains how Rahane inspired India to win Melbourne Test – cricket

Former English bowler and commentator Isa Gooha praised captain Ajin Karahane for his promising victory leading the Indian team during the Boxing Day test in Melbourne last Tuesday.

Rahane got into Virat Kohli’s shoes after returning home after primary tests to be with his wife and family to give birth to his first child. Rahane surpassed the Aussies in its own burrow by breaking a hundred match winners and making pivotal changes to the team’s bowling format and field layout. These cumulative decisions helped India defeat Australia in 8th place and equalize Series 1-1.

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In an interview with Seeking Sports Today, Lahan remained calm throughout the game and made sure that tourists did not panic after the Adelaide horror.

“If there was someone to calm the locker room and let India not panic after the Adelaide cataclysm, it would be Ajinkya Rahane. When Virat Kohli went home and India lost Mohammed Shami, India still got along incredibly well.

“Ajinkya Rahane has a quiet confidence in him. He has been successful several times in the past but has not performed as well as we have liked over the years. The way he did it, especially the way he could drive his performance, was tremendously measured. It wasn’t the same as the previous century in G when he scored with a higher strike rate. It was much more trained, and he left the ball outside the off stump. He gave himself time and eventually hit the ball when it was hit,” Isa Guha told Sports Today.

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The commentator who became a cricketer elaborated on the differences between Kohli and Rahane’s leadership. She explained how tourists tried to come up with something special to beat Australia.

“There were difficult moments, and some of the scenes we saw were incredibly classy and featured a man. Virat Kohli leads his way, and Rahane leads his way through a quieter and more introverted personality. He was representing the rest of the team, which felt like a galvanized group because there was no Virat Kohli. They knew they had to come up with something special so they could beat Australia. It’s a team,” added Isa Guha.