India vs Australia: ‘Who would’ve thought 10-15 years ago that India will hammer Australia,’ Shoaib Akhtar wishes to see a ‘series full of clashes’ – cricket

India’s victory over Australia in the Boxing Day test impressed former Pakistani helper Shoaib Akhtar. The legendary Bowler pays tribute to Captain Ajinkya Rahane, who led tourists to level up to Series 1-1 after the Adelaide horror. In a conversation with Sports Today, Akhtar said that the characters shown by Indian players under Rahane’s’cool’ claim are unparalleled.

“One good morning I watched a game and woke up and saw India being hammered by Australia. I thought 9 was 369 instead of 36, but 9 was 36, but the characters are in crisis.”

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“The Indian team’s character display is huge. I think this person is too quiet and calm. Ajinkya Rahane doesn’t scream or do anything offensive in the field. He just stays quiet and acts as a nice captain. Under his leadership, people suddenly performed.”

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In the absence of players like Virat Kohli and Mohammed Shami, Akhtar talked about how India took advantage of opportunities and bravely returned. “Whatever you say about Ravi Shastri, Ajinkya Rahane and the team, India’s strength is not the people who play on the field, but the strength of the bench. They seized the opportunity and went outside to perform,” Akhtar added.

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“Having hammered in one test and then coming back and winning the next test is a comprehensive look at the character of the team and management. At the same time, people are out there to win the test match.”

As the series draws and two more test matches take place, Pakistani legends want to experience more interesting crashes in the rest of the game. The return of Rohit Sharma and David Warner will make the series even more interesting, but it’s very important to see how Australia comes back after losing at MCG.

“Who would have thought that 10-15 years ago Australia would be hit by India or Pakistan or another subcontinent team? It’s happening now. Now I want to see this series full of crashes. We hope to win the series because India has made a great comeback. And they showed a lot of character and great courage. Ajinkya Rahane’s bag is just a turnaround,” said Akhtar.