Joe Biden blames Donald Trump for violence at Capitol that’s shaken US – world news

President-elect Joe Biden accused the mob raiding the Capitol on Thursday as “domestic terrorists,” and President Donald Trump accused him of the violence that shook the US capital and beyond.

The riots by Trump supporters who violated Congressional security on Wednesday were “no opposition, no disorder, no protest. It was chaos.”

People gathered at the Capitol with the intention of interfering with a joint parliamentary meeting proving Biden’s election victory over Trump “fleeted the protesters. Don’t dare call them protesters. They were riotous mobs. Rebels, domestic terrorists. That’s the basics,” Biden said.

Biden said in a solemn tone that Trump’s actions during his presidency to overthrow the democratic system of the United States caused a great confusion in Washington.

“Over the past four years, we have had a president who has made it clear in everything he has done to contempt for democracy, constitution and rule of law,” Biden said. “He launched an all-out attack on our democratic system from the start. And yesterday was the pinnacle of that constant attack.”

A crowd of hundreds of Trump supporters broke into the Houses of Parliament and had to wander around Congress to halt deliberations and find safety. The violent protesters were laid by Trump himself, who falsely alleged that he had lost the election through voter fraud.

Trump’s claims have been repeatedly dismissed by courts, including the Supreme Court, and state elections officials in both parties, and even some of his administration. But the president has been making more and more efforts to break down the elections, and this week culminated in efforts by some Republican lawmakers to confirm the results and oppose violence at the Capitol. After the suspension, Congress returned to work late Wednesday and confirmed Biden’s victory earlier Thursday.

Biden has marked a list of Trump’s attacks on US norms, including attacks on the media and intelligence community and pressure on state and federal officials and judges to submit to his efforts to overturn elections. Biden said on Wednesday that Trump tried to “use a mob to silence the voices of nearly 160 Americans,” which Trump voted in November.

And he and Vice President Kamala Harris talked on Wednesday about the police treatment of primarily white protesters compared to the heavier way police deal with black life substance protests.

“We witnessed two systems of justice when we saw what allowed extremists to raid the US Capitol and last summer releasing tear gas at peaceful protesters.

Biden declared, “If it were the Black Lives Matter group that protested yesterday, no one could say that they would not have been treated very differently from the thugs who raided the Capitol.”

He hoped that the image comparing the presence of the police on Wednesday with the police marshaled to prepare for the Black Lives Matters protests would open the eyes of Americans to the need for reform.

The remarks introduced Biden’s team of Justice in a case in Wilmington, Delaware, and led by Federal Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland as Attorney General. Biden also announced that Lisa Monaco, homeland security advisor for the Obama administration, will serve as Deputy Attorney General for the Department of Justice and former Deputy Attorney General for the Department of Justice Vanita Gupta, as a third official. He also nominated Kristen Clarke, Attorney General for Civil Rights, and is now Chairman of the Civil Rights Attorneys Committee under the law, an advocacy group.

The Department of Justice is expected to dramatically change the process during the Biden administration, with a greater focus on civil rights issues and review of policing policies. Biden and Harris spoke on Wednesday about the importance of an independent judiciary.

Some of the most important work for the country, Biden said, “is to dedicate ourselves to the rule of law in this country while activating our domestic and democratic institutions that practice equal justice under the law in the United States.”

“There is no more important place to do this than the Department of Justice,” he said.