Kamala Harris vows to ensure Covid-19 vaccine is distributed ‘equitably and free of charge’ – world news

US vice president-elect Kamala Harris said Thursday that if he and Joe Biden-elect take office, the Covid-19 vaccine will be distributed “fairly and free of charge.” Harris tweeted this announcement in support of Joe Biden’s criticism of the Trump administration’s speed of vaccine launch. Warning that if immunization continues at its current pace, it will “take years, not months,” Biden pledged to receive 100 million Pfizer/Bioentec vaccines in the first 100 days at the Oval Office.

“As Joe Biden said yesterday, we will ensure that the Covid-19 vaccine is distributed fairly and freely when we get to the office. So it doesn’t matter what skin color or where you live. If you want a vaccine, you can get it.” Harris Tweet

Biden announced Wednesday that it would enact a defense production law to speed up vaccine production in the United States. The Defense Production Act is a Cold War era law that gives the president a strong power to control domestic industry.

“I will move heaven and earth to move us in the right direction. I will use my powers in accordance with the Defense Production Act and order the private industry to accelerate the fabrication of the materials needed for vaccines and protective gear.” Biden said.

Biden also said he and the next vice-president are discussing a bilateral vaccine delivery plan with special emphasis on rural communities.

“Vice President Harris and I spoke with county officials, mayors, and governors of both parties to speed up the distribution of the vaccine nationwide. We are planning a whole government effort. And we will set up vaccination sites and send mobile devices to places that are hard to reach in the community.” He added.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden administered the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to the public eye to demonstrate safety and efficacy. Harris told reporters that he had been vaccinated “to eliminate fear and mistrust of minorities” about the vaccine. The winner also stressed the need for a community-led mass immunization program. On Thursday, he admitted that the treatment given by the government and the scientific community to a minority group led to vaccination hesitation and promised to launch a public education campaign to alleviate fears.

“We also know that many communities are hesitant to immunize, especially in Black, Lation and Native American communities. In particular, black, Lation, and Native American communities have never been treated with dignity and honesty by the federal government and the scientific community throughout our history. That’s why we will launch a large public education campaign to increase our acceptance of the vaccine and will do everything to show that the vaccine is safe and very important to the health of ourselves, our families and our communities.” Said biden

Biden ended his speech with conviction that the vaccine will be distributed across the country on an equitable basis for everyone to get vaccinated for free.

In short, we must ensure that the vaccine is distributed fairly. So, anyone who wants the vaccine can get it, regardless of skin color or where they live. And we will be vaccinated free of charge.” He added.