Kane Williamson overtakes Virat Kohli to become top test batsman – cricket

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson celebrates the new year as the best test hitter after leaping Australia’s Steve Smith and India’s captain Vi Ratkoly in the latest official rankings released Thursday.

Returning from parental leave this month, Williamson has reached 100 years in an opening match against Pakistan to help New Zealand gradually win 101 at Mount Maunganui on Wednesday.

Smith is experiencing a rare form of slump and fell below Kohli after registering four single-digit scores in the middle of a series of four tests in progress with India.

In the opening game of the series in Adelaide, Australia took 8th place and India’s number one, Collie returned home with her first child.

Indian stand-in captain Ajinkya Rahane jumped to 6th place after inspiring hundreds of tourists to win a series leveling victory in Melbourne in the second test.

Australia’s Pat Cummins still holds the top spot, while compatriot Mitchell Starc jumped up two steps to get into fifth place.

India’s spinner Ravichandran Ashwin (7th) and fast Jasprit Bumrah (9th) took the top ten spot after performing impressively in the Melbourne test.