KMC officials will build a new enclosure for bear cubs kept in’harsh conditions’ at Karachi Zoo.

A Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) official told Sindh High Court on Tuesday that a $2.9 million bird cage would create a 2.9 million rupee cage for baby bears known to have been separated from their parents and housed in the unnatural habitat of the Karachi Zoo . Their filing was hearing a petition filed jointly by two judges from various levels of petitioners opposing local governments and KMC authorities to keep their pups in poor condition. KMC officials informed the court that the company has begun a process to request a bid to build a 45 x 35 foot cage. They also said that they will have a small pond and a place will be built for animals to relieve themselves. They added that, in the light of the recommendations of the court-made committee, steps will be taken to ensure that bears are provided with a natural environment. On the last day, the court ordered zoo officials and other respondents to take immediate action to provide an environment similar to their natural habitat where babies are still considered cubs. Bench ordered the zoo’s senior director to show up with a report on the health of the cub. It also directed the authorities responsible for zoo maintenance to form a committee for timely action. The petitioners filed through court attorney Mohsin Shahwani that urgent care was needed to save the lives of the offspring. The petitioner begged the KMC administrator, the senior director of Zoo and Recreation, and the local government minister as respondents, while the petitioner said that the baby bear’Ranoo’ remained alone in a small, well-equipped enclosure away from his family at the Karachi Zoo. Insisted. In Skardu. They said the enclosure had no natural habitat and that the animals were not provided with adequate food, water and treatment.