Maryam asks 2 PML-N MNAs to verify their resignations with speaker ‘even if sent by mistake’ – Pakistan

PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz has ordered two party lawmakers to go to the president of the National Assembly and verify their resignations, even if they were sent “by mistake.”

Addressing a PML-N workers’ convention in Sukkur on Saturday night, he first called the resignations of Muhammad Sajjad from Mansehra and Murtaza Javed Abbasi from Abbottabad a play of “mischief”.

However, later in his speech, he addressed both lawmakers, telling them to accept the resignations with the speaker “even if they were sent in error.”

“Let me tell you one thing, regardless of whether they were sent by mistake, if the NA speaker asks you to verify the letters, then say here are your resignations, now accept them.

Maryam’s comments come days after a dispute between the National Assembly Secretariat and the PML-N after the former issued letters to the two PML-N lawmakers from Mansehra and Abbottabad, asking them to appear before the president. Asad Qaiser to verify his ‘resignations’, which had been received on his official letterheads.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Secretariat in Peshawar also sent a similar letter to PML-N MPA Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha, also from Abbottabad. However, lawmakers had denied having sent such a letter to the speaker, while the PML-N had called the resignations “false”.

But speaking today at the workers’ convention in Sukkur, Maryam asked the concerned MNAs to accept the resignation letters as their own, even if they had been sent by mistake.

“Regardless of whether they were sent by mistake […] I tell the NA spokesperson to convene the legislators and accept their resignations, ”he said.

The vice president of PML-N said that it was not just resignations, PML-N members would go so far as to sacrifice their lives for the country and PML-N supreme Nawaz Sharif, adding that the PML-N was not like the PTI.

“They [PTI] submitted his resignations during Nawaz’s tenure […] But when the speaker asked the legislators, they replied that Imran Khan had forced them.

“He [PM Imran] It says that members of our party are fleeing from submitting their resignations. Stop worrying about PML-N […] worry about yourself because your MNAs and MPAs know that Imran Khan is leaving and he will not return. “

Maryam said that all the MNAs and AMPs in the party were behind Nawaz. “They know they won’t get votes if they deviate from Nawaz’s side. People vote on his name and the symbol Sher. “

He added that Prime Minister Imran knew he would be sent packing soon, never to return. “The PML-N knows that when that happens and new elections are held, the party will return with a two-thirds majority.

“People know that Imran Khan is leaving and Nawaz is coming,” he said.

‘PM Imran is good at being obedient’

Maryam also lashed out at the prime minister for his comments earlier in the day in Chakwal, where he said the language used by the opposition was similar to that used by “the Indian propaganda machine.”

“He claims that the opposition has asked the army to overthrow an elected government. Please remove the misunderstanding that he has been elected. Second, the opposition has no need to make such a demand. The people of the nation support the opposition”.

“You are enough to send you packing,” he said.

In response to the prime minister’s claims that Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari and Maryam were not qualified to be the heads of their respective parties, the vice president of PML-N said: “I was talking about qualification. Do you want me to tell you what your Qualification Imran Khan has only one qualification and that is shining shoes and being obedient. “

“Nawaz is a great leader. He told Imran Khan on the first day to step aside, our fight is not with him,” he said.

‘PM Imran was willing to loot’

Maryam also criticized the prime minister for stating that the PTI was unprepared when he took office. “Two and a half years after taking office, the liar who yells ‘thief’ says he was not ready for the government. A man who is not ready should not be entrusted to the government.

“When you knew you were incapable and incompetent, then why did you play with the fate of the people of Pakistan? Who gave you the right?”

He said Prime Minister Imran was unprepared to lead the government, but was fully committed to looting the nation and lining the pockets of his “friends.”

“Who said that when there is inflation in the country the leaders are corrupt?”

He added that the premier had said that tabdeeli it doesn’t come with the push of a button. “If a change can be achieved by pressing the fake RTS button, then the change cannot be managed in two and a half years,” he asked.

Maryam said that each and every lie that PM Imran had fed the nation will come out in due time.