MS Dhoni wins ICC Spirit of Cricket Award of the decade – cricket

MS Dhoni, the most successful captain in the history of cricket in India, has won the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award. Donnie was awarded the award for her decision to recall the controversial former England batter Ian Bell in the 2011 Indo-England test series by Kane Williamson, Maella Jaya and Le Denne, and Brendon MacColumn.

The incident occurred during the afternoon session on Day 3 of the second test at the Trent Bridge in Nottingham. Bell fired 137 shots and chatted to Eoin Morgan based on the assumption that the ball was on the edge. While he was doing so, Praveen Kumar threw the ball from the deep and Abhinav Mukund took the bail.

Bell is controversial for getting out of his wrinkles when the tee break was announced and the Indian team went out to a round of booing by the crowd. However, when the match resumed in the last session, Bell escaped the bat. It was later revealed by Rahul Dravid that during the tee interval, Dhoni withdrew his appeal, prioritizing grace over game manship.

“During the tee interval there was a team discussion and Dhoni and Fletcher called the meeting and Dhoni led it. Because the spirit of the game was so important, there was a unanimous feeling that Bell had to be restored, and it felt like it was insane to let him out that way,” Dravid said.

Bell added an additional 22 points before getting caught on Yuvraj Singh’s slip at 159. Bell admitted that he was naive and’a little stupid’ in the whole case. “I get some blame. It was very naive and a bit silly to leave. In retrospect, leaving automatically was a bit naive for me, but the right decision was made for the game,” Bell said.

“After running three times, I put the bat down and it seemed that I wanted to drink tea. Turning around, the referee pulled out the jumper and started walking towards the bowler and everything seemed to go towards the car. We both were a bit shocked and didn’t really realize what had to happen if we fell in the middle.

“I didn’t know I’d be going back until the very last minute, but the handling was fantastic and it fit the spirit of the game. I have learned many lessons. I will never do that again.”