Nancy Pelosi narrowly reelected speaker, faces difficult 2021 – world news

Nancy Pelosi was barely reelected as a speaker on Sunday, and gave the rein of a majority of the Democrat’s slender House of Representatives as President-elect Joe Biden set up a challenging process of creating legislation to tackle the epidemic, revive the economy, and address other party priorities .

Since 2003, the only woman in the House of Representatives to lead her own party, the California Democrat was widely expected to hold her position. Pelosi received 216 votes for Rep. Kevin McCarthy of R-Calif.

To win her victory, Pelosi had to overcome Democratic dissatisfaction with her longevity, a thin 222-211 advantage over Republicans after the November election, and absences from coronavirus. The 435 House of Representatives had two vacancies, and no matter what, the Democrats will have the least House majority in 20 years.

The new parliament was convened on Sunday, two days after Covid-19 directives requiring lawmakers to end controversial previous meetings and require House members to be examined and face covered. When the last council began two years before the epidemic hit, masked people were widespread, and there were far fewer legislators and guests in the council than usual.

DN.Y. Congressman Hakim Jeffries officially nominated Pelosi, calling him “a notorious negotiator and legendary legislator for a period like this.”

When Pelosi retires, congressional leadership Jeffreys, who is expected to compete for resignation, said, “A brighter day is coming in the United States as Pelosi prepares to work with Democrat-elect Joe Biden. Today is a big renewal day for the House.”

For reelection, Pelosi needed a majority of votes for a particular candidate, and only a handful of Democratic votes could be lost. House rules give her some shake because members who are absent or “present” do not count toward the total votes.

Sunday’s vote was expected to last for perhaps three hours as lawmakers voted in groups of about 72 people each to minimize exposure to the virus.

Whenever they voted for a premium, workers installed enclosures on their balconies overlooking the House of Representatives, making it safer for lawmakers who were exposed or tested positive for the coronavirus. Representative Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, voted.

Two Democrats, who said they recovered after testing positive for the virus last month, voted for Pelosi by Wisconsin Congressman Gwen Moore and Washington State Congressman Rick Larson.

As a positive sign for Pelosi, the newly elected progressive legislator Jamaal Bowman, DN.Y., voted for her. Bo Woman told a reporter, “Our country needs stability now, and it is very important that the Democrats get together.

Pelosi has led opposition to President Donald Trump for two years and has been praised by many Democrats, uniting moderates and liberals of the party for a common goal of defeating him and raising massive campaign funds. Any Democrats went ahead to challenge her, emphasizing the perception that it would be nearly impossible for her to fall.

However, Pelosi is 80 years old and the ambitious young members continue to suffer for a long time with her and other senior leaders taking their jobs. Democrats also predicted that after Election Day many would add seats to the House of Representatives for the party, they were angered and divided as they saw 12 incumbents defeating one Republican representative without defeating them.

Pelosi again suggested that this would be the last two years, citing a statement released recently two years ago, citing that it would withdraw after this period.

The speaker’s election came 17 days before Biden took office. But rather than a fresh start for him and Pelosi, there were problems and holdovers that would lead to Trump’s fierce administration.

Although Congress enacted a $900 billion Covid-19 relief package at the end of last month and finally signed by Trump, Biden and many Democrats say it counts it as a down payment. They say more support is needed to strengthen efforts to prevent the public, contain the virus, and restore jobs and businesses lost by the epidemic.

Many Democrats, with Trump’s unlikely support, wanted to increase direct payments of $600 per capita to $2,000, but were blocked by Republicans. Democrats want additional funding to help state and local governments struggling to maintain service and avoid layoffs.

Biden’s priorities also include commitment to health care and the environment.

Guiding such legislation through the House of Representatives would be a challenge for Pelosi. Pelosi says that the small number of her political parties means that only a few defectors can be fatal.

Also, as Republicans continue to prove their loyalty to the fragmented Trump, and backing groundless claims that his reelection losses were tainted with fraud, cooperation with the Republicans could become even more difficult. Congress will meet on Wednesday to formally confirm Biden’s clear electoral victory over Trump. Many House and Senate Republicans will dispute the validity of some votes, but it is clear that their efforts will fail.

Trump’s former Attorney General William Barr, as well as several election officials across the country, have confirmed that there has been no prevalent fraud in the election. The Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia, as well as the battlefield states critical to Biden’s victory, have also ensured election integrity in their states. Almost every legal matter for Trump and his allies was dismissed by the judges, including two thrown by the Supreme Court, including three judges nominated by Trump.

Meanwhile, it’s not clear which party will take control of the Senate, and which party Republicans will have unless Democrats all win the Senate runoff in Georgia on Tuesday.

In the House of Representatives, a race is still being decided in New York and there are vacancies in Louisiana. Louisiana GOP congressman-elect Luke Letlow, 41, died after being infected with Covid-19.