Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Taliban, Afghanistan call for participation in peace talks-World

Turkish, Pakistani and Afghan foreign ministers urged the Afghan Taliban on Friday to reaffirm their commitment to achieving a negotiated agreement for lasting peace in Afghanistan. In a joint statement released after the meeting in Istanbul, the three ministers emphasized the “urgent need for an immediate ceasefire to end violence and provide a beneficial atmosphere for peace talks”. Afghan peace conferences with US support for Turkey, Qatar and the United Nations to be held in Istanbul on Saturday have been postponed due to the Taliban’s non-participation. Ankara said the talks would take place after Ramazan, but did not set a new date. Foreign ministers from Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan discussed a scheduled meeting on Friday. It was set up with the aim of quickly tracking the agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban after Washington’s announcement that Washington would leave Afghanistan by September 11. In order to reaffirm their commitment to achieving a comprehensive negotiating agreement leading to the lasting peace in Afghanistan desired by the Afghan people, the local and international communities, in particular, the Taliban, “according to a joint statement, they also have “continued the high level of violence in Afghanistan.” Condemned.” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu spoke at a joint press conference after the meeting, saying that support for the Afghan peace process in Ankara and efforts to organize the Istanbul Conference will continue. He, along with Foreign Minister Shan Mahmood Qureshi, said, “As co-organizers, we have The issue continues to be discussed with all sides, Qureshi said in a tweet that “inclusive peace, an end to violence and a stable Afghanistan are beneficial for regional connections.” He said, “The international community is Afghanistan in reconstruction and economic development. “We have to continue working with us.” Afghan Foreign Minister Haneef Atmar attended the meeting via a video link for health reasons, Cavusoglu said. Foreign Minister Kuresh also held bilateral talks with Atmar to discuss the latest developments in the Afghan peace process. Having discussed strengthening bilateral relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Qureshi referred to his meeting with his Afghan counterpart as “great” in a tweet, “the need for meaningful participation in the agreement negotiated to end more than 40 years of internal conflict in Afghanistan. “Re-emphasized. “Peace actually creates greater opportunities for economic cooperation, prosperity and connection.” The Taliban previously refused to attend the summit until all foreign powers were withdrawn from Afghanistan. The Taliban and the United States agreed that all foreign powers would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by May 1 of last year, which was pushed out last week by US President Joe Biden, who ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, when it was ousted by US troops. Since then, they have been rebelling for a long time and still control a wide range of territories, There is. FM Kuresh arrives in Istanbul Earlier the day, Radio Pakistan reported that Foreign Minister Kuresh arrived in Istanbul for a two-day official visit at the invitation of the Turkish side. Shortly after his arrival, Qureshi tweeted, “I landed in Turkey at the auspicious event of Turkish Sovereignty and Children’s Day to commemorate the establishment of the Turkish Great Powers Conference and connect children around the world in a spirit of peace. And harmony.” According to Radio Pakistan, he said. It was also expected to hold a meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to speak with Turkish local and international media. Kuresh is visiting Turkey “to attend a tripartite meeting of foreign ministers of Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan,” said in a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The FO said via Twitter that the trilateral process established in 2007 was “to contribute to peace and prosperity in Afghanistan.” “During the meeting, FM Qureshi will highlight Pakistan’s precious efforts to achieve peace in Afghanistan through Afghanistan-led and Afghan-owned political processes.” “The Foreign Minister will discuss the latest developments in the Afghan peace process [and] In a statement, the FO exchanged views on the achievement of the common goals of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, adding that the Foreign Minister will hold bilateral talks with FM Cavusoglu during the visit. The statement added that, in a statement, the full spectrum of bilateral relations will be discussed, preparations for the 7th High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council to be held in Turkey this year, and both sides will also discuss regional security situations. The statement noted that the fraternal relationship between Pakistan and Turkey “is deeply rooted in a common belief, culture and history, and is backed by outstanding mutual trust and respect.” In a statement, FM Cavusoglu also visited Pakistan in January, adding that the two foreign ministers also met on the 9t’s side job. h The heart of the Asia-Istanbul Process Ministers’ Meeting held last month in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Friday that the trilateral talks will address “the latest developments in cooperation in the field of Afghan peace processes, security, energy, connectivity and irregular migration”.