President-elect Joe Biden decries ‘obstruction’ in national security transition – us presidential election

President-elect Joe Biden has accused the national security agency of hurdles to a smooth presidential transition by those loyal to President Donald Trump and warned that enemies could take advantage of the situation without better cooperation from the outgoing government.

After meeting with the team responsible for the transition of national security advisors and related agencies, he said, “We need to make sure that nothing is lost in the transition between governments. “At the moment, we are not getting all the information we need from retired governments in key national security sectors. In my opinion, it is not irresponsible.”

Biden selected politicians nominated by the Department of Defense and the Office of Administrative Budget for “disturbing,” and called on “speeding up our coercion and budgeting to avoid our window of confusion or pursuit. Enemies can try to exploit it.”

Defense Secretary Deputy Christopher Miller denied interference with the transition and said the suspension was the result of a mutually agreed “holiday holiday”. Biden’s transition director said there was no such agreement and that the Trump administration had abruptly stopped briefings with the next team.

This is not the first time Biden has expressed dissatisfaction with the rate of conversion. However, starting 23 days before his inauguration, his protests have led to increased discontent with the outgoing Trump administration.

Biden said that after the Trump administration withdrew from agreements with international organizations for four years, it would take a lot of effort to reinvest in diplomacy. Trump withdrew the United States from the World Health Organization, the Paris Climate Agreement, and the Iranian nuclear deal. Biden wants America to return to all three.

“Now we have a great vacuum,” he said. “We will have to reclaim the trust and confidence of a world that has started to find a way to work around us or work without us.”

The new administration will also take over a response this month to the hacking of federal government computer systems backed by Russia.

Biden is still learning about the scope of the hack, but said it would require a bipartisan collaboration to strengthen cyber defenses. “This attack poses a serious risk to our national security, and we need to close the gap between where we currently have our capabilities and where we need it,” he said.

After a few weeks of delay after the presidential election, Biden is being briefed by the President’s Daily, the same top-secret information report given to Trump several times a week since November 30th.