Prime Minister Imran celebrates inauguration of US President Joe Biden-Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated the new oath after US President Joe Biden took office on Wednesday night. “We look forward to working with @POTUS to build stronger Pak-US partnerships through trade and economic engagement, responding to climate change, improving public health, combating corruption and promoting regional and other peace.” Biden became the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday, proclaiming that “democratism prevailed”. He took the oath of office to take over the dominance of a severely divided state and to inherit the confluence of a crisis greater than any faced by his predecessors. On Tuesday, the Biden administration’s nominated defense chief Lloyd J. Austin believes that the next government sees Pakistan as a “essential partner” in all peace processes in Afghanistan and “continues building ties with the Pakistani army will provide openness to the US Said there is. To cooperate with Pakistan on key issues”. Read: What does Biden mean for Pakistan? General Austin made these remarks at a confirmation hearing for the post of defense secretary in the US Senate Military Commission. “Pakistan is an essential partner in all peace processes in Afghanistan,” said former US Central Command Austin President. Once confirmed, it will encourage and deter at the same time a regional approach that gains support from neighbors like Pakistan. Local actors from spoilers to the Afghan peace process.” When asked if there has been any change in cooperation between Pakistan and the United States since the Trump administration’s decision to cease security aid in 2018, General Austin said, “Pakistan has taken constructive steps to meet the US request to support the Afghan peace process. I understand what I’ve taken. Pakistan has also taken action against anti-Indian groups such as Lashkar-i-Taiba and Jaish-i-Mohammad, but this progress is incomplete.” However, the general admitted that “in addition to the cessation of security aid, there could be many factors that could affect Pakistan’s cooperation, including the dangerous expansion of the Afghan negotiations and the terrorist attacks of Pulbama.” “Pakistan is a sovereign state,” he said when asked what tools and options the United States should provide to influence Pakistan. “I will press the Pakistani territory to stop its use as a sanctuary for militants and violent extremist organizations. Building lasting ties with the Pakistani army will provide the opportunity for the United States and Pakistan to cooperate on key issues.”