Rabada’s return put on ice as South Africa look ahead to Pakistan tour – cricket

South Africa will not threaten the stamina of lead attacking Boler Kagiso Ra Bada despite a squad return, and he will miss a second test against Sri Lanka starting at Wanderers Stadium on Sunday, officials said.

Rabada suffered a civil war tension last month excluding him from the international series against England and excluding him for his first test win against Sri Lanka in Pretoria.

The 25-year-old Paceman was summoned to the squad for a second test, suggesting that he would lead an inexperienced attack as South Africa attempts to complete the 2-0 series whitewash.

However, a team official on Saturday said it would not consider La Bada.

“The coaches are very happy with his progress, but in terms of workload, we want to make sure he is in the right space to fully compete for the test series against Pakistan and Australia,” a team spokesperson said. Sipokazi Sokanyile.

South Africa will tour Pakistan at the end of this month in 14 years, with two tests and three Twenty20 international matches.

Australia will take three tests in South Africa in February and March.

Rabada made 43 appearances in South Africa, averaging 22.95 times and 197 test wickets.

(Edited by Christian Radnedge)