‘Red hand held’: Maryam loses votes in PTI’s by-election-Pakistan

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz alleged Friday that PML-N workers had caught people working in the PTI “Red Hand” for stealing votes in local by-elections. She tweeted, “PTI people have been caught stealing votes by PML-N MPA Adil Chatta and Ataa Tarar. The seal was also broken. The police were part of a plan to steal votes for PTI.” Maryam also shared several “bomb videos” showing PML-N staff accusing two men who were suspected of stealing a bag of votes from a polling station. Saying “naked rigging,” Maryam insisted that the men were acting at PTI’s request. One of the videos shared by the PML-N leader showed a man sitting in a car with a voting envelope next to him. “He was caught. The PML-N workers did not allow him to escape. The Rangers were also present,” Maryam said of the man in question. Referencing the same man in another tweet, she said that PML-N workers “run away with packaging bags” to the head of a polling place located at Virtual University in Wazirabad. She said the executive was present before the District Returned Officer (DRO). She said one of the men caught by the “red handle” attempted to escape but was suspended and detained. “All PML-N representatives were there. They’re not letting him go. We’re not going to let go of him like this. What happened in 2018. No more,” added Maryam. By-elections were held in Punjab’s NA-75 constituency on Friday. Seats were empty after the death of PML-N MNA Sahibazada Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah. Earlier this day, a shooting at a polling station in Daska, Sialkot, killed at least two people and wounded three others. One of the victims is known to be a member of the Judgment PTI and the other is known to belong to the PML-N. According to witnesses and local media, PTI poll workers were also among the injured.