The Best List of 101 Cheap Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

One . There's nothing like the little nerf gun combat action inside and outside the house!

2. Put on sunscreen and get ready for various outdoor water games and fun!

3. Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned family backyard camp out. This kit covered you.

4. Normally Water balloon Throw in your head with this slam dunk water inflatable basketball date!

5. Backyard Hammock Dating is the perfect way to relax and unwind with your lover.

6. Gather a gang and get ready to get wet! These Win It In a Minute Water Games are especially fun when playing in groups.

7. Cool down, get wet and immerse yourself in the wild with a super fun splash party group date.

8. Make a delicious smore while looking at the stars!

9. Grab your honey bun and head to the yard for a romantic backyard camp out you will never forget.

10. Get ready to draw on a date night! This barbecue idea is smoking seriously.

11. Are you ready for classic playground activities? Look at this! Here are some fun ideas and great prints for the park!

12. Who says vegetables are boring? These outdoor dating ideas for summer go perfectly with a visit to the nearby Farmers Market.

13. Who is hungry? Grab this free print and hit your local food truck.

14. Celebrate a great International Picnic Day with these fun dating ideas!

15. This fun watermelon idea makes the perfect summer date.

16. Unleash your inner race and host an easy Olympic Games in your own backyard.

17. It's time to get flesh! This dating kit includes 12 sporty and fun dating ideas that are perfect for summer!

18. What is summer without going to the beach?! These fun ideas for the beach are perfect.

19. Do you remember the classic night games when you were younger? Well, go ahead and grab the best buds and get ready for some seriously fun things to do outdoors at night.

20. How good is your night vision? It's time to find out with a fun scavenger hunt at night!

21. This fishing date is the perfect way to relax and unwind on a lazy summer day. It's also a great idea for fishermen!

22. Time to be gorgeous! All you need is an inexpensive tie die kit and an outdoor dating idea.

23. Start with these pool party ideas for a date that never gets boring.

24. Whether it's a romantic movie with you and your lover, or a neighboring blockbuster, this backyard movie dating idea is definitely a must.

25. Boat lovers will love this romantic boat ride idea!

26. If you are a fan of fun night games, check out this idea, another one of your favorite ideas for the night.

27. Saddle Up Partner! Grab honey and visit the rodeo together, then return home to enjoy the spicy game of Strip Horse!

28. Enjoy your favorite summer music with a personalized summer concert ticket!

Outside fall date ideas

A fun outdoor date idea perfect for fall. | Dating diva
Fun outdoor dating ideas for fall.

29. Bring cute cowboy boots and light outerwear for a fall-themed cowboy date.

30. Celebrate the start of school and become a teacher's pet with this school idea completely on the subject.

31. We love good fall hikes and these date ideas will help you take the next step.

32. There is no better excuse than cool weather to go on a romantic trip and find a new place.

33. Football enthusiasts will love this fun soccer idea, the perfect companion for outdoor matches.

34. It will be more fun to pick pumpkins with your lover at a nearby pumpkin patch!

35. Are you ready to eat a bowl of turkey for two? We have covered you.

36. Prepare for all screams and eeks and visit the haunted house with your lover! Free printable.

37. Is there a better way to take a hayride than your lover? We don't think so.

38. It may seem cliché, but try getting lost with your lover on this corn maze date.

39. You'll want to check out these fun ideas for a completely shaky football date.

40. “Leaves” everything behind and enjoy vivid autumn date ideas with your lover.

41. This is a fun Halloween date and service idea. We are obsessed with these Halloween outdoor dating ideas and neighborhoods!

42. Attack local ghosts with the help of this fall idea.

43. Have a totally fun pumpkin carving party and take it out to add some fun.

44. Finish off your autumn campfire with the perfect Esmore recipe idea.

45. It's time to eat the funnel cake, cotton candy, flannel and visit the county fair!

46. ​​Have a very romantic picnic. Don't forget cocoa!

47. Has everything you need to decorate your car and learn how to host or serve your trunk. How eerie!

48. For a truly perfect fall date, we "pick" this one caramel apple bar!

49. Celebrate National Hug Your Hound Day (or anytime!) with your idiot on a date night! Life is really good with a dog.

50. Host a fall chili dish and see who has the best chili recipes.

51. Your tailgate event with your lover will be even better!

52. A fun twist on the classic "You 've Been Booed" idea, this Thanksgiving service idea allows you to throw a doorbell and avoid cover.

53. Get ready, get ready, go! The Amazing Race Dating is one of the best dating and is the perfect way to spend the fall.

54. As Thanksgiving approaches, much preparation is needed for the feast. Bring romance to your holiday preparations by going on a Thanksgiving Ready Dating!

55. Ready, aim, fire and shoot through the heart at the shooting range! Take it outdoors for more excitement. Remember. Safety comes first!

56. Take your honey and go outside to create a truly scary Halloween photo booth. You don't need anything other than a camera and these fun Halloween photo booth props!

57. Watch your favorite scary movies outside and take them to a whole new level! Eek!

58. Record your appreciation with this printout, perfect for outdoor photography.

59. Celebrate classic American games and cool weather with these Home Run World Series ideas!

Outside the winter period

Winter outdoor dating ideas for couples. | Dating diva
Fun outdoor dating ideas for winter.

60. Outdoor picnics may not be possible, but car-friendly winter picnic ideas are cold-weather friendly!

61. Relax insane with this hot cocoa snack for two.

62. The snow sparkles in the lane and is the perfect time to enjoy a winter walk.

63. This is one of our favorite Christmas service ideas, and you and your lover are welcome to Old St. I promise you will feel like Nick himself!

64. Go outdoor camping for warmer weather and heat the interior with a spicy indoor camping date.

65. This "Super" kit contains methods to help you learn how to celebrate Superbowl.

66. Whenever you need a quick cuddling moment alone in the car or an easy idea for a date night, have this cozy kit ready for you.

67. Enjoy a good old-fashioned snowball fight unlike anyone else!

68. This snowy date is at the top of the Snow Day activity list.

69. Play Christmas music, drive up and check out all the sweet Christmas light display ideas in town.

70. Nothing is as good as the fresh scent of a Christmas tree. Celebrate this fun date by picking a Christmas tree together.

71. Come and cheer with this very easy Christmas gift idea.

72. Find winter trains and ride your very own Polar Express. Then watch movies with these fun and free prints!

73. Few things are more magical than walking through the nearby Christmas town with your lover. Find a place near you, then return home to recreate the magic!

74. Rate and score to take your Christmas lights view to a whole new level.

75. Ice skating is a bomb, but let's face it. You really have a number on your feet! That's why learning how to massage your feet is definitely the order!

76. Take your Christmas Hugging Kit in your car as you go on a mini vacation trip like no other.

Spring date at home

Spring dating ideas you can do outside. | Dating diva
Fun outdoor dating ideas for spring.

77. After you get stuck at home, this workout dating idea is perfect!

78. Grab a torch and get ready for a fun Spring Olympics idea.

79. This golf-themed dating is the perfect way to get some spring sunshine.

80. Get rid of the trash and shop at your local garage store to find new treasures with your lover.

81. Golf may not be yours, but what about learning how to play Frisbee Golf? Throwing a disc into another "hole" across the field can actually be really fun!

82. Fly your love into the sky with a paper airplane folding contest!

83. Fix inside and outside your home with this awesome Fixer Upper date.

84. What's more romantic than dating on the roof of your house?!

85. You will really love it with a sweet picnic for two.

86. Grab a list of printable selfie ideas and pose your favorite. You can even think of your own outdoor selfie spot!

87. There is no better way to thaw in winter than to compete in the park!

88. Challenge your spouse a few rounds at the local mini golf course.

89. Grab this lovely print and go on an adventure in the city zoo.

90. Start the engine! Driving in a movie home is a perfect excuse to cuddle.

91. Get ready for the camping season with a little warm-up! To make these indoor fortress ideas outdoor friendly, simply tent In the backyard.

92. Pick up some Grass game Have an outdoor game night!

93. Pack that bag and go on a day trip!

94. Learn how to make a kite and fly in a local park.

95. What looks a little weed? Grab seeds and lovers and learn to plant your garden!

96. It may seem simple, but taking a walk with your spouse is one of the easiest dates!

97. If you're someone like us, you can't get enough ice cream. Scoop up sundaes together and start dating. After that, they eat them on the porch, asking interesting questions for the couple.

98. Use your private outdoor hot tub or backyard pool (if it's warm enough!) to enjoy some dry water fun!

99. Tie your cute sneakers and enjoy a romantic run!

100. Spring is the beginning of something new. How about planning and leaving for a lifetime road trip?

101. What is better than yoga? Romantic backyard yoga!

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