‘Too Much Pride’: Maryam, Prime Minister Imran Banged for Calling Haza Ras Protests’Blackmailer’-Pakistan

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz was once again shocked on Friday for suggesting that Prime Minister Imran Khan had never visited Shia Hazaras protesting the killing of coal miners in the Mach region and that he was “blackmailing” the Prime Minister. At a press conference in Karachi, she said today that Prime Minister Imran admitted that he would “not go to Quetta, not because of security threats, not because of ego.” [and] His stubbornness “.” the country wants to know what’s the problem that prevented you from going and putting your hands on your head. If this is because of obedience (Tabe Bridge), does the state want to know that obedience is more important than the lives of the people?” “If this is a superstition, tell the nation that way. [it] We know that the lives of 220 million people are determined by superstition, not in the hands of any person or government. “If this is numb and ruthless, tell the country not to look at you in a crisis situation. [know that] PML-N leaders will not come and will not call innocent blackmailers,” added PML-N leaders. On Sunday, armed attackers cut the heads of 11 miners in a residential complex near the mining site in the Mach coalfield area in Balochistan, filming the entire incident and posting later. A group of armed Islamic states claimed terrible attacks. Since then, thousands of Hazara have protested with coffins of miners’ bodies in Quetta’s western bypass area, and community members have also protested. Condolences, including women and children, endured the cold and refused to leave or rest the miners’ bodies until Prime Minister Imran visited them and the murderers were tried. The Prime Minister has been widely criticized on social media when protesters have suggested that they are “blackmailing” their loved ones without asking their loved ones, amid rising national protests and political pressure. Until he visits them. Maryam described the painful scene he witnessed when he visited the Hazara protest camp outside Quetta on Thursday in the media, describing it as “a scene like Karbala.” She had no intention of giving a press conference and was in Karachi only for a transfer flight, but “When I heard in the morning’I will not be blackmailed, no one will be blackmailed me’, you said you buried the dead. I will come to you” Then I couldn’t stay without talking to the state.” Maryam was a vulnerable population, saying her remarks were “not human,” and after being repeatedly targeted in the past, it was the government’s ” A big failure.” She said that relatives of the murdered miners were sitting with coffins at sub-zero temperatures for the past six days, waiting for a “heartless” leader. “They don’t ask you for an inheritance, or for the resurrection of the dead, or for a long list. […] They just wanted you to come and help them bury their deaths. They just wanted two words of compassion. “When I asked them what your request was, they told us there was no request. [prime minister] Come here to cover our wounds and assure us that such a thing will never happen again. “Maryam raises the humility and fear of God” when leaders take on the leadership role, but the words I heard today shook my heart. Ruthlessness, carelessness of duty, pride. We can only pray for you.” Regarding the Prime Minister’s condition to visit Quetta if protesters have to let the miners rest, she said it would be too late by then. “When you couldn’t share their moments, it’s not worth going through the pain many times and no one would accept it.” PML-N leaders told the media why the government couldn’t visit the prime minister. Quetta added that if the reason was related to the safety or threat to his life, opposition leaders also faced similar “threats.” “We faced dangers and were not allowed, but we could go there and we would He added, “I did whatever I could.” He added. “Is the prime minister’s life “more valuable than 200 million people” and the question of the miners who had been killed. I have time to soak, but I don’t have time.” To join the pain and sorrow of the Hazara community “. She again said Maryam appealed to Hazaras to bury loved ones, saying, “The one you hold hope for has no heart in your heart.” “He’s not in a position to give the National Reconciliation Ordinance-like Conssion (NRO),” Maryam said. , Mentions Prime Minister Imran. “Who doesn’t get permission to go to Quetta, what value should he give the NRO?” PML-N has’fully supported’ the protests, while PML-N Supre Moja, former Prime Minister Nawa Z Sharif, announced’full support’ to the protests supporting the Hazara community, a PML-N spokesman said. He directed the PML-N regional leadership and workers across the country to participate enthusiastically in the protests. The spokesman said, “It was also decided to leave the problem of the Hazara martyrs to the PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement).” In this regard, Nawaz added that he instructed former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to contact Maulana Fazlur Rehman and other PDM leaders immediately. Including further reporting by Javed Hussain.