Tougher lockdown restriction likely on the way, says UK PM Johnson – world news

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said stronger containment restrictions may be underway as corona 19 cases continue to increase, but schools are safe and children should continue to attend.

Covid-19 cases in the UK are increasing to record levels due to new, more contagious virus strains. As a result, the government canceled plans to resume schools in and out of London at the request of education unions calling for wider closures.

Most of the UK is already subject to the strictest restrictions set forth in a four-tier regional regulatory system designed to stop the spread of the virus and protect the national healthcare system.

But Johnson said in an interview with the BBC that when asked about concerns that the system might not be enough to control the virus again, “Alas, it will be more powerful.”

“There are definitely more stringent measures we need to consider. I’m not going to guess what it is for now.”

Johnson also said the school was safe and advised parents to send their children to areas allowed by the rules.

“There is no doubt that schools are safe and education is our top priority,” he said.