UK regulator approves Covid-19 vaccine from Moderna – world news

Pharmaceuticals regulators in the UK on Friday approved a vaccine developed by Moderna, making it the third Covid-19 vaccine approved for use in the U.S., following a vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca, which have been administered to 1.5 million people to date. .

The Medicines and Medical Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) has revealed that Moderna is the second mRNA vaccine (the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine approved in December 2020 is also an mRNA vaccine). The UK has ordered 17 million doses of modders or vaccines that are rated to be 94{74ca91e3bee52d91843c282edd75c0800a88a3d8744a3a1c83b7ba867058fc3c} effective.

MHRA Chief Executive June Raine said: “After a strong and thorough evaluation of all available data, getting approval for a third Covid-19 vaccine supply is an important goal to be achieved and that the agency has helped to make it happen. I am proud. ”.

“Once used, all Covid-19 vaccines are continuously monitored by MHRA. With this, the benefits of protecting people from Covid-19 outweigh the potential side effects.”

As the UK initially agreed when pre-ordering the vaccine, officials said that supply would start in the spring if Moderna expands its capacity. The vaccine will be given to people free of charge.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said: “We have already vaccinated nearly 1.5 million people across the UK through our vaccine delivery plan. The Moderna vaccine will further strengthen the vaccine program as it becomes available in spring.”

The Moderna vaccine is distributed through NHS and hospital hubs to ensure that medical staff and elderly patients are vaccinated. Community services for which local teams and general practitioners have already registered to participate in the program; And through vaccination centers across the country, it makes the vaccine accessible to people regardless of where they live.

According to an official statement, people with a history of allergic reactions to the Moderna vaccine components should not get the vaccine, but people with other allergies, such as food allergies, can get the vaccine.