We Can Be Heroes movie review: Priyanka Chopra hams her way through Robert Rodriguez’s silly superhero film – hollywood

We can be heroes
director -Robert Rodriguez
cast -Priyanka Chopra, Pedro Pascal, Haley Reinhart, YaYa Gosselin, Boyd Holbrook, Sung Kang, Taylor Dooley, Christian Slater

In fact, including almost nothing for those paying for Netflix subscription, We Can Be Heroes is a kind of children’s film that is rarely accessible to anyone over the age of 13.

To put it lightly, one of the strangest filmography, directed by Robert Rodriguez, feels like the pinnacle of creative experimentation that filmmakers have been working on for decades. We Can Be Heroes is a stealth sequel to Rodriguez’s 2005 film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, but the cat was pulled out of the bag before the film was released. Perhaps the target audience for this movie, Sharkboy and Lavagirl were on an adventure (in 3D!).

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Although loosely tying to his old film that we can be heroes, it is probably the only attempt by Rodriguez to appeal to adults. Of course, there is also a subplot that includes a president who can’t tie sentences together because he’s so stupid. .

Priyanka Chopra interferes with it with Ms Granada, essentially an expression of corporate American power suit wear. She is the evil CEO of Heroics, a team of superheroes kidnapped by tentacle aliens during the movie’s opening scene. With the planet under attack and their parents in danger, they fall on their children to save the world and save them from aliens led by Missy Moreno (YaYa Gosselin).

Priyanka hit the pitch for her acting. We Can Be Heroes is a stupid movie where everyone works with cartoon frequencies, but I hope she picks one accent and sticks to it. Should Granada be Hispanic? But why does she sound like a Sobo girl who spent a semester abroad?

Pedro Pascal in the stills of We Can Be Heroes. (Ryan Green / NETFLIX © 2020)

Adults have very limited screen time overall, but Priyanka plays a very important role in the film. In fact, poor Pedro Pascal and Boyd Holbrook seem to drew short straws. You wouldn’t be surprised to say that you’ve finished filming all the scenes in a matter of days.

I wouldn’t be surprised to say that Rodriguez finished filming the whole movie in a week. When the filmmaker was Rebel Without a Crew, he had a cute (and even a bit admirable) sort of DIY aesthetic, but he was out of constraints like limited budget and lack of studio support years ago. He no longer needs to do all the work of the film. As usual, Rodriguez considers himself a director, writer, producer, editor and cinematographer, but this may be the only way he knows how to make a film.

Well, it is unfortunate. Just a few weeks ago he led one of The Mandalorian’s best episodes. And we all saw how much fun his Alita: Battle Angel was last year. He works better in the existing setup.

Just because a movie was made for children doesn’t mean you have to be a teenager. At the last minute, We Can Be Heroes tries to try the cake too, but it’s too late. It ends with a warm message and a promise of a sequel. Worryingly, Rodriguez doesn’t have the best track record with them.

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